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Do you have problems with your child?

They are not difficult to solve!

Express Test and Case Solution

What would you like to correct in your child?

What worries you?

Is your child wonderful, but a little inattentive, uncommunicative, disobedient, selfish, deceiving, reluctant to learn, bold, lazy, and so on? We’ve found a way to solve these problems.

How? With the help of integrated cases in which the necessary learning knowledge is organically intertwined with emotions, feelings and character.

For this purpose, we combined 12 intelligences (IQ, EQ, ...) and Ai. We also took into account that case technology in education today is the most effective in advanced countries.

After you fill in the questionnaire, the special AI program Ai-7W will issue an individual recipe-solution for your child. You will be able to see how the fascinating case lessons will affect the upgrade of your child's personal growth. He will definitely get better.

We’ve patented the Ai-7W program in the Library of Congress of the USA. It has been tested in the best private, alternative, family, and home schools in many countries. It is very suitable for the construction of child’s personal educational paths by teachers, parents, mentors, coaches and tutors.

Perfect Pleasant Prominent Popular Practical

Case lessons is an amazing invention that elegantly solves three problems at once:

1) Expand the child's knowledge of the school curriculum and at the same time give the competencies and skills that are needed for real success in life. This is the result of powerful synergy.

2) They help to overcome the age difficulties of a child that parents face daily: fears, inability to communicate with peers, bad relationships, inattention, gadgetting and other difficulties that poison life.

3) They are an excellent ready-made solution in order to spend the child’s free time properly, interestingly and usefully or for the leisure of the whole family.

The AI system of AI-7W allows you to match one or more case lessons specifically for your case.

Fill in a short questionnaire, get a set of case lessons and enjoy the results.

 Choose what applies to your child:

Behaves selfishly
Cannot communicate
Addicted to gadgets
Gets bullied, he is offended at school
Obsessed with gaming
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)
Does not know how to separate the things of key importance from those of secondary importance
Adolescent maximalism
Cries a lot and depressed
Shows aggressiveness and hostility
Does not understand how to apply school knowledge in practice
Does not attend school due to illness, sports, etc.
Excellent student syndrome
Too closed up
Shows rudeness
Anorexic or obese
Has no sense of taste or sense of proportion
Doesn't want to go to school



How old is your child?

Under 10 years old
Over 10 years old



Gender of the child:



What is the most interesting thing for your child?




Choose your child's temperament:




Is your child an introvert or an extrovert?




How many children are in your family?

3 or more



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You will get access to case-lessons by making a paid subscription to them. You get a subscription for a whole year, and for all cases at once (there are more than 100+ of them, in different combinations, and their number increases every week).
Moreover, if the child’s “problems” are numerous, then you can be retested, but with a different set of data. However, you will not have to re-pay, since you will already have access to all case-lessons.


What are 12 intelligences?

And why our computer program takes into account all of them, and not just IQ and EQ, as it was before?
Because it is with this combination that the child’s thinking works.

What is 7W?

These are the basic 7 questions, the answers to which build the trajectory of the child’s personal growth.

Who developed the Ai-7W system?

A team of scientists, psychologists, teachers, coaches, children's writers, programmers, neuroscientists, designers, editors, visionaries, illustrators, educational experts, system analysts, network globalists and knowledge designers.

This is a real product of the Information Age, suggesting that mastering a part of school knowledge and improving the individual qualities of a child is transferred to the Internet on special educational platforms, such as Edu Future 7W, which allows you to improve the qualities of a child quickly and purposefully.

The Map of worldwide spread of case-lessons

This map shows countries that apply case-lessons. Just at this very moment, this map can be replenished with one or more countries in which students take case-lessons at 7W® EduFuture educational platform.


Case-lessons are an integrated tool that helps me to set and track goals, learn unique content at student's own pace and complete deeper learning projects. Case-based courses are unique with exclusive texts and visualization. Thank you for this brilliant chance!

Emily Goodwin

Teaching should be a prestigious career. Those who uses cases have more chances to make a career in education.

Helena Atkins

Case-lessons are the best option for us in our schools and for our students who want to get up-to-date knowledge easily and effectively. It's very important that they consist of exclusive and helpful information. There are many topics – we have found what we really need!

Jacob Porter

Real-life maths has been transformed by computer-based calculation; now mainstream maths education needs this fundamental change too. Case-courses help it!

Basil Stevens

I share evidence and practitioner-based learning strategies that empower me to improve my skills.

Gwendolyn Hicks

Cases provide an opportunity for children's and even teacher's development. The fact is that such case-based studying is our future.

Alvin Skinner

Within the framework of the Natural Sciences we conducted the case avout soap. Teachers and students did not only discover the secrets of ordinary soap but also acquired important knowledge of school curricula (and not only) such as chemistry, biology, natural science, astronomy, life safety, technology, ecology, history, futurology, art and business, and received many necessary competencies such as positive thinking, teamwork, self-control, caring for quality etc.

Dayna Anthony

We have conducted the case "Mount Rubbish". The problem of pollution is very topical. And there is an actual problem of modern education, where it is difficult for children to integrate knowledge into the modern world. But there is such a wonderful cases that allow us to see the problem of pollution through the prism of mathematics, chemistry, geography and even art! Spend a few minutes for studying – you will not regret. We really liked it!!!

Daniel Conley

These incredible lessons allow to see at education with a completely new look.

Sun Ce

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